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If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. Fred Fletcher, professional writer,  health news reporter, raconteur, bard, ghostwriter, independent scientist/investigator, author, philanthropist, entrepreneur, inventor, & communication expert will give you the attention and personal service you’ve come to expect and enjoy.
Material Published Online as of August 22, 2018--Simply Click on the Title Provided!
"10 Reasons Plastic Surgery Is Thriving" article published in November of 2017
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"Medical Assistant--a 'Hot' Profession on the Verge of Extinction?" article I wrote for a client of a top writing services agency
"5 Surprising Health Benefits of Lemon Juice" another article I wrote for a client of the same writing agency above
"Does Flushing the Toilet Pose a Health Threat?" article published on Natural News 
"Why Are Non-Woven Fabrics Used in Medical Textiles?" article written for marketing agency promoting WPT Nonwovens in Beaver Dam, Kentucky
"Gregg Popovich's 4 Most 'Winning' Qualities" article written under the pseudonym "Steve." 
Wrote all the web pages for the "Girona Barcelona Golf School" website--let me know if you need to re-write or improve your own website with writing that stands out and motivates people to hang around.
What Sets Me Apart As A Writer?

1. Available 24/7
2. Fully qualified to work on medical topics
3. Able to accept special payment plans, including bartering
4. Able to complete projects in ridiculously short periods of time
5. Sporting one of the most versatile portfolios you'll ever see
6. Holding an MS/PhD in the life sciences
"The Deal of a Lifetime" poem found at Poem
"10 Reasons Plastic Surgery Is Thriving" article published in November of 2017
"Brain Eating Amoebas--The Good & the Bad News" article written for water quality enhancing site
"The Best Magnetic Resonance Imaging Center—10 Best Characteristics" article written for a topnotch MRI center in Columbus, OH
"15 Surprising ESD Static Electricity Facts" article written for Kimco Electronics in Mentor, OH